Why Digital Transformation Is Much More Than Cloud Migration?

Making sure that you grow your business and take it to the next level is incredibly important. It can be a great launchpad for the future, but it certainly has challenges. One of them is the fact that you need to implement digital solutions, however a lot of businesses see that as just migrating to the cloud.  But a digital transformation for enterprise is much more than that.

The difference between cloud migration and digital transformation

When we talk about migrating to the cloud, the idea is pretty easy to understand. You end up changing your current IT infrastructure and you’re moving from one platform to the next one. It might be a linear process, but changing the infrastructure requires lots of planning. However, cloud migration is important, yet it’s just a stepping stone when we talk about cloud migration.

When it comes to digital transformation, that implies you are replacing older solutions with a digital counterpart. Stuff like that is important because it does save time and effort, and it helps enhance the process in a very cohesive manner. You can implement digital security systems, automate tasks, use AI and so on. So it’s definitely something beyond cloud migration.

Focusing on digital transformation can be great, because it gives you the means to optimize many of your processes. You can streamline operations, focus on growth, while also enhancing the results offered by your team. It’s the best of both worlds, while also saving a significant amount of time from a business perspective.

Is it ok to focus on both cloud and digital transformation?

Yes, because optimizing your business and going digital can be great. And if you move a lot of the digital assets and operations to the cloud, that comes with certain advantages. You have much better efficiency for your business, not to mention your team can work from anywhere. Even if there’s a power outage, your team can go home and work from there, since cloud documents and data are all there.

You also have adaptability, something that can be hard to achieve in many other industries. You can adjust and implement changes in the cloud, then remove those as needed. There’s also a lower chance of dealing with outages. Plus, cloud systems tend to increase security aspects, which is a very important part of growing your business.


There’s no denying that cloud migration is important. However, digitalizing all parts of your business should always be the utmost priority. Going digital and implementing ways that boost business growth is going to help your company in the long run. That’s especially true when it comes to security. Using state of the art security can help safeguard your data, while keeping it solely in the cloud can have its challenges. But if you start implementing company-wide digital transformation features, then everyone will benefit from that. Yes, cloud migration is important for digital transformation, however it’s also just one part of the process!