10 Easy Steps to Hire The Right Attorney

At some point, you will face a legal issue that will make you need an attorney. It could be a criminal offense, you’ve been involved in a car accident, an employment issue, a divorce, or any other situation. In any case, you need the right prospects for bankruptcy attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky for your needs.

Searching for the right attorney to represent you can be a daunting task because you have to trust someone you’ve just met. You need some tips on how to hire the right attorney, such as a bankruptcy attorney in Louisville KY. You need to understand what to consider, such as the location, experience, price, and area of practice.

 If you need help on how to hire the best attorney, this article is for you. Here are 10 steps you can follow when hiring an attorney for the right practitioner for you;

Step 1: Ask for Recommendations

From your circle, such as colleagues, a trusted advisor,  family, and friends, a recommendation is the best way to hire the right attorney. A recommendation from someone you trust helps you get the attorney for the right type of law needed.

Get more than one name and find out if they fit your needs before settling on one. If you don’t find the right attorney from the recommendations, the attorney can also be a great resource to guide you to the right one for your case. Ask around the areas where your desired type of attorney is likely to practice and you will get ideal recommendations.

Step 2: Consultation Meetings with Prospective Attorneys

Scheduling a consultation meeting with the attorneys identified is the next crucial step. You need to find an attorney who seems like the appropriate candidate. For instance, if you are looking for a Louisville bankruptcy lawyer, you can get prospects around the bankruptcy court in Louisville. Go beyond finding a prospective attorney and conduct thorough checks on other aspects such as fees and experience. 

Step 3: Due Diligence and Research

Conducting due diligence on attorneys is crucial when hiring the right candidate. Before meeting the identified prospective bankruptcy attorney Louisville, do your homework by reviewing their website, content and overall setup of their services. 

Search on the web about the attorney to know if they offer the legal services you need. For instance, if you need an attorney for business law or immigration assistance, you will get information online on whether they are the right candidate for you. This information helps you gather several options whom you can then interview and discuss with. 

Step 4: Interview the Identified Candidate

Many people forget that hiring an attorney is like any other kind of employee recruitment. You need to conduct an interview with an attorney or their law firm before the hiring decision. This will save you worries after you start the legal journey together, as you will have chosen an attorney who fits your needs. 

Step 5: Ask the Appropriate Questions

Ask them the right questions and assess if they are the right type for you. You need to ask the attorney if they have knowledge of a case like yours and whether it is their specification area. Ask them whether they feel you have a strong case, how long they have been practicing, and who will be handling your case. 

Ask the attorney about their payment plan and schedule, the value of your case, and their previous experience with similar cases. You will get an idea of whether this is the right attorney for your needs, and know any relevant details that you may need before hiring the attorney. 

Step 6: Assess Costs and Fees

You need to evaluate their costs and fees before making a hiring decision, ensuring it is convenient for you. Let the attorney thoroughly expound their fees and when necessary, provide you a written summary for assessment. 

You should know what you are paying for and if you are able to raise the fees to meet the costs. If you find a good attorney whose fees are slightly high, you can negotiate with them before making a hiring decision. 

Step 7: Review the Payment Plans

There are many arrangements that an attorney can bill you, such as through a contingency fee, retainer, hourly rate, or a flat rate depending on the type of your case. You should understand your attorney’s billing arrangements and what you are expected to pay before hiring them. Failing to review the payment arrangement could result in a significant unpleasant surprise for you. 

Step 8: Size of the Law Firm

Law firms vary in size and can have one or more attorneys. You need to consider law firms that best suit your situation. If your situation is for corporate needs, a bigger law firm may provide you the right attorney for you as such cases are complicated. 

If you are an individual, a smaller law firm may best suit you especially if your needs are not so complex. Take into consideration the size of the law firm when hiring attorneys, as it influences various factors. Conduct a background check of the law firm and the attorney’s success rate.

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Step 9: Written Agreements for Attorney Contracts

Having a written agreement is essential for the clarity of the contract. Verbal agreements are enforceable, but written agreements minimize confusion. Choose an attorney who documents the key elements of the agreement, including the costs of representation and the scope of the agreement. The documentation of agreements could also include the payment arrangements. 

Step 10: Trust Your Gut

After meeting each prospective attorney and reviewing the information, evaluate the experience with each one of them and make the hiring decision. Use logic when making the hiring decision, but also listen to your gut. 

If you have a negative feeling about an attorney, probably they are not the right selection for you, and if you feel positive about an attorney, it indicates they may be the right choice. Choose the attorney you feel comfortable working with, taking into consideration their answers to the questions and their understanding of your needs. 


Hiring the right attorney is an important decision that needs knowledge. There are many tips to use when making this decision based on your needs. For example, if you need credit counseling in Louisville KY,  look for a bankruptcy attorney in Louisville KY as they are the right candidate for you.

Following the steps provided in this article would increase your likelihood of success in hiring the right attorney. Remember that your gut feeling is very important in the final decision, so you should not ignore a bad vibe about an attorney.